About Ryan Young

At a young age l fell in love with writing and speaking. Ever since my love was found I have been dedicated to pursuing a career in Journalism or Broadcast Journalism. With my father being a radio host for many years before starting his own advertising agency, and my mother being a lawyer defending abused and neglected children, I learned at a very early age that I wanted to follow in both of their footsteps and learn from their wisdom to pursue a career in journalism.

I struggled for many years in my developmental stage communicating and speaking. It was difficult for me to pronounce my own name and any word with “r” or “s”. After multiple years in speech therapy, I was able to get past the minor set back and trust that God would continue to help me.

I am a sophomore at Hillsdale College majoring in Rhetoric and Public Address with a double minor in Journalism and Law. Faith is the driving force in my life. In a world with growing antagonism toward conservative values and Biblical principles, I have remained committed. My heart's desire is to please God in all I do, and I know that it requires me to daily seek His will for my life. I believe that with God on my side, I can accomplish all He has for me, and impact the lives of people I meet. God has called all of his children to share the good news of Jesus, and I believe that I will be able to seek and speak the truth in the fields of journalism and law. Journalists today have a major responsibility to the people of the world and especially to God. With the corruption of truth, loss of patriotism, and disdain toward God, the world needs people founded in faith and truth.


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